Chinese Medicine treatment for pediatric diseases

Pediatrics of TCM studies the growing of children and prevention and treatment of infants and children’s diseases.
The treatment of children has undergone evolutionary changes in Chinese medicine. Chinese pediatric dates back several thousand years. Pediatric treatment was mentioned in the Nei Jing. In the twelfth century Song dynasty, the famous child specialist, Qian Yi, wrote the first pediatric textbook that recognized children as unique beings with distinctive physiology and pathophysiology of diseases that merit different diagnoses and treatment from adults. During the Ming dynasty and the last dynasty_ Qing dynasty in the fourteenth to the beginning of twentieth century , pediatric flourished with formulation of specific herbal and TuiNa or acupuncture protocols for children, and introduction of preventive measures.
Infants and children have unique physiological functions and pathophysiology of illnesses. The first class discusses general pediatric physiology and pathophysiology, followed by the characteristic in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases.

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pediatric class hand out (2008)

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