Academic Research and WFCMS

In addition to her practice and teaching, Dr. Wang works to promote academic exchange in gynaecology research. She is actively involved in the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS).

WFCMS is an international organization aiming to improve understanding and cooperation among TCM academics around the world (see One of the specialty subgroups under the WFCMS is the Gynaecology Committee; it seeks to bring gynaecologists together for the exchange of ideas and the furtherance of research.

Dr. Wang is the sole executive director of the Canadian branch of the Gynaecology Committee, WFCMS, after having accepted the position from Dr. Han Bing, Chair of WFCMS’s Gynaecology Committee. As part of her job as executive director, Dr. Wang has enlisted over twenty TCM practitioners in Ontario. The group is currently holding seminars and working to bring the next WFCMS Gynaecology Conference to Toronto.

Practitioners who are interested in joining the Canadian Gynaecology Committee are welcome to contact Dr. Wang.

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